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                    The easiest way to order is to order directly from the PRODUCTS  page using Paypal  OR call (928) 445-1643 during regular Arizona business  hours.  I usually have units ready too ship immediately.    Please have an idea of what model you would like and if you would like any attachments,  foreign voltage converter, etc.

                     A slower way is to send a money order to: (If you send a check, I will have to wait approximately 2 weeks for it to clear before I can ship)


(928) 445-1643
P.O. Box 10602
Prescott, AZ 86304


As a rule-of-thumb, electronic or motorized appliances (using less than 50W) require transformer converters.  Heating appliances (using more than 50 Watts) require transformer-less heating converters.  If  the wrong type of converter is used, something will burn up;  using a heating converter with an electronic device will destroy the electronic device,  a small transformer converter with a hair dryer will burn out the transformer. All models of Photon Stimulators use less than 50 Watts.  Thus,  they require a transformer converter –  that is a converter that uses a transformer.

CUSTOM UNITS:  I am glad to accommodate most requests for custom units whenever possible.  So if you have a special need, don’t feel that it is not possible or available – feel free to ask.

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Tony Cocilovo Lightforms Research Llc., PO Box 10602,
Prescott AZ 86304 928-445-1643


(928) 445-1643