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“At present… we feel that the purely molecular aspect of life sciences may be only one necessary step in understanding biology and can never reach the significance of sufficient and complete explanation. Molecules have no intelligence, despite the manifold impressive functions that have been assigned to the, e.g.., isomerase, synthetase, and a variety of other enzymatic or “informational” activities. Even enzymes or messenger molecules have to be triggered by external energy, i.e. photons which activate the diverse transition state complexes due to the characteristic eigenstates of translational, rotational, vibrational, and electronic energies. These activation energies cover the whole electromagnetic spectrum, from distance radio waves, microwaves, infrared waves up to the visible and even ultraviolet photons. There is only one possible vehicle for conducting this concert of up to millions of reactions per second and per cell: non-thermal photons which provide the right quantum energies at the right place and at the right time…”biophotons” – may well suffice to take the role of regulating the whole biochemistry and biology of life.The Spectral distribution of biophotons covers at least the range from 200 to 800 nm.It is evident that at least a significant part of biophoton emission originates from DNA.

Some Features of Biophotons and their Interpretation in Terms of Coherent States   by:   Fritz-Albert Popp, International Institute of Biophysics

A proposal of Li and Popp claims that exciplex systems of biological systems are the molecular base of all life. Excited complexes are metastable states of two bound molecules. Exciplexs are formed by all base pairs of the DNA. The fundamental biological importance of the exciplex formation concerns their extraordinary capacity of establishing powerful photon traps. The network of photon traps in the biological system is the basic source of the communication system of the living system. By mutual absorption and emission of photons within this network, as well intracellular as intercellular communication takes place where the “sucking potentials” of the traps and the available light intensities are the decisive regulatory quantities of the three-dimensional channel system of the cells communication base. The exciplex states form photon traps as soon as they are excited by coherent radiation of suitable wavelengths. This mechanism provides the very basis of life since it opens an infinite play of competition for light with infinite possibilities of modulations in all frequency ranges lower than ionizing UV. This mechanism is universal in all living systems.

Molecular Base of Life,    by: Frits-Albert Popp.

In the last time we investigated the biophoton emissions and delayed luminescence of the human body after local treatment of the skin, i.e. rubbing ointment into the skin of a definite part of the right arm or exposing a definite part of the arm over some minutes to UV. To our surprise, the change of the bpe or/and dl after treatment did not only appear on the position of treatment, but there were significant changes also on other places on the body. ….. This effects shows the first time a new communication channel in the human body on the basis of biophotons. It indicates that biophotonics provides a powerful tool for understanding health and disease in terms of intra– and also intercellular communication within the living system under investigation.”

Nonlocal effects of biophoton emission from the human body.  by:   Sophie Cohen, Fritz-Albert Popp and Yu Yan

“The behavior of a large number of properties of living system has become comprehensible. However, there are a small number of properties whose behavior is incomprehensible; any attempt made to understand the behavior encounters insurmountable problems. The incomprehensible properties bring out the inadequacies of the existing paradigm and a need to go beyond the existing paradigm….the tenets of the existing paradigm involve the separate identity of biomolecules, local interaction of biomolecules, incoherent and random kinetics of chemical reactions, and information transfer via movement of biomolecules. These tenets provide only a fine-grained vision of living systems. The grain size used is of biomolecules, which is the most appropriate grain size. The choice of a finer or coarser grain size will miss some important aspects of living systems. However, the depth of vision is too small in the paradigm; it only sees the properties of microscopic class and misses the cause of correlations of distant biomolecules. It is a serious shortcoming of the existing paradigm…….The phenomenon is the incessant emission of photons by a living system mainly in the visible region and of ultra weak flux….the signals of these photons have been observed in living systems ranging from bacteria to human tissues. The signals have two characteristic features – non-exponential decay characters of signals and sensitivity of signals to all essential biological and physiological activities. Both features rule out a conventional mode of photon emission and have far reaching implications…If it is true for all macroscopic biological activities, then a biophoton signal contains decipherable and digitalized signatures of all macroscopic biological activities.

Abstracts from the:  Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, Preface R P Bajpai

The word “biophotons” is used to denote a permanent spontaneous photon emission from all living systems. It displays a few up to some hundred photons /(s.cm2) within the spectral range from at least 260-800 nm. It is closely linked to delayed luminescence (DL) of biological tissues which describes the long term and ultra weak reemission of photons after exposure to light illumination. During relaxation DL turns continuously into the steady state biophoton emission, where both, DL and biophoton emission exhibit mode coupling over the entire spectrum… Biological phenomena like intracellular and intercellular communication, cell growth and differentiation, interactions among biological systems and microbial infections can be understood in terms of biophotons.

Biophoton emission of lichen species Parmelia tinactorum   by:   R P Bajpai

The signal and its broad spectral components have similar excitation curves. The relative strength of spectral component appears independent of the stimulating wavelength.

Biophoton emission of human body   by:   S Cohen & F A Popp

For the first time systematic measurements of the “ultraweak” photon emission of the human body (biophotons) have been performed by means of a photon detector device set up in darkness. About 200 persons have been investigated. It turned out that this biophoton emission reflects :

  1. The left-right symmetry of the human body.
  2. Biological rhythms such as 14 days, 1 month, 3 months and 9 months.
  3. Disease in terms of broken symmetry between left and right side.
  4. Light channels in the body, which regulate energy and information transfer between different parts

The results show that besides a deeper understanding of health, disease and body field, this method provides a new powerful tool of non-invasive medical diagnosis in terms of basic regulatory functions of the body

Left-right asymmetry of biophoton emission from hemiparesis patients

by:   Hyun-Hee Jung, Won-Muyng Woo, Joon-Mo Yang, Chunho choi, Jonghan Lee, GilWon Yoon, Jong S. Yang, Sungmuk Lee & Kwang-Sup Soh

“Acupuncture treatment reduces dramatically the left-right asymmetry of biophoton emission rates. Biophoton research in blood reveals its holistic properties.”

by:   V L Voeikov, R asfaramov, E V Bouravleva, C N Novikov & N D Villenskaya

“…blood is a continuous source of biophotons indicating that it persists in an electronically excited state… Excited state of blood is extremely sensitive to the tiniest fluctuations of external photonic fields but resistant to temperature variations as reflected in hysteresis of PE in response to temperature variations. These data suggest that blood is a highly cooperative non-equilibrium and non-linear system, whose components unceasingly interact in time and space. From a practical point of view analysis of these qualities of blood may be a basement of new approach to diagnostic procedures.”

Quantum coherence of biophotons and living systems   by:   R P Bajpai

Coherence is a property of the description of the system in the classical framework in which the sub-units of a system act in a cooperative manner. Coherence becomes classical if the agent causing cooperation is discernible otherwise it is quantum coherence.

Photon Sucking and the Basis of Biological Organization   by:   Fritz-Albert Popp and Jiin-Ju Chang

“The basic idea of understanding all these phenomena is the superposition of electromagnetic fields, in particular, biophotons, in a way that during biologically relevant structures, interference patterns of destructive and constructive interference are built up that “organize” the movement and activity of the biomolecules within and between the cell populations…”

The explanation of the biphoton field is based on dynamic interference patterns of a broad-banded electromagnetic field covering the optical range.

…cells or cellular systems organize their mutual distance and orientation by means of the interference pattern that is created after mutual emission and reemission of coherent biophotons.

“Under these boundary conditions, the general “standing-wave” -solutions provide phase conjugates in terms of interference strings with destructive interference at the outside of the system and , as a consequence, constructive interference within the system.”.. This means, in addition, that this mechanism is able to serve as the ideal basis of a communication system between both biological systems and the outside world and between and even within living systems, where the receiver has simply to provide the boundary conditions in terms of shifting its double layers into one of the nodal planes of the incoming carrier waves while the language is free for expressing the total information by spatio-temporal modulations of the interference fringes .. It may represent an evolutionary principle of nature.”

Sucking Force

The mechanism under considerations describes the capacity of a system to use phase information in order to store and distribute energy. This process is not passive absorbance but an active process where energy is stored by constructive interference within the system against an energy gradient of removed energy at the outside. It is evident that this leads to a force which is defined by the gradient of stored to destructed energy between the inside and the outside. This force has the opposite direction to the force of the radiation pressure of the incoming wave like that of a vacuum cleaner which moves its sucking tube towards the incoming air flow instead of getting pushed away. “

“In addition we would like to say that it is very likely that the quantum description of photon sucking in biological systems requires squeezed states since the flexibility in tuning the uncertainties of amplitude and phase of the electromagnetic field is a most powerful instrument of biological organization and communication. This could also explain why biophoton emission is limited to weak intensities, since only a few photons in the field allow the perfect application of non-classical light for communication.”


…This process of photon sucking involves a force which may well explain the cell-cell attraction and/or repulsion. At the same time some unknown phenomena of phototropism and similar effects including biological rhythms may find basic understanding, since the mechanism can work also in non-linear classical optics.

The organization of cells (including growth, differentiation…) and the “language” may become understandable on this basis, too. This effect can play a role not only between cells and organisms, but also within cells and between groups of biomolecules. Specific phase– and frequency modulations may provide the language of the system under consideration.”

Biophysical Aspects of the Psychic Situation   by:   Fritz-Albert Pop

“Biological systems are governed by the special interaction of a coherent electromagnetic field (biophotons) and biological matter. There is a permanent feedback coupling between field and matter in a way that the field directs the location and activity of matter, while matter provides the boundary conditions of the field.. Since the field is almost fully coherent, the interference patterns of the field contain the necessary information about the regulatory function… The dominating role of source and sink of the field is probably played by the DNA”

“…metabolic activity in animated matter is governed by biophotons since they (and only they) can be responsible for the triggering of all the necessary transition state complexes with activation energies in the optical range. Heat photons would never suffice to provide the necessary activation energy. Even enzymatic reactions cannot take place without this activation by suitable photons.”

…This does, by the way, not require extremely high photon numbers. Since after a small reaction time of about 10-9 seconds the activatinag photon is not thermalized but available for the next reaction (cilento, 1988),… This is not just a question of energy or photon number, but of the information that is necessary to distribute the available energy in the right way.”

“From the biophysical point of view biophotons are regulating the body in its rather complex functions. The interference pattern of biophotons originating from the resonance tuning between the coherent field and biological matter (preferentially DNA) governs the availability of energy in a concerted action of the whole. Consequently the organizational capacity is reflected by characteristics of biophoton emission.

“These rules do hold not only for cell populations and organisms, but also for organs within a body and even for the development of consciousness.”

“It is well known that the basic nutrition of living systems is light. Actually, plants take it up directly from the sun, while mammals absorb it by metabolic degradation of sugar that contains sunlight in the form of the binding energy of H2O and CO2. sugar is digested into water and carbon dioxide which both are excreted by breathing, respiration, sweating and urinating, while the stored sun energy becomes available for activation of biological functions. From the physical point of view this activity corresponds to a photon store which can always be characterized by its so-called resonator value Q.”