Color Slides

These 12 slides are the same as the “Dinshah” color set. They are specifically formulated by Roscolene to match Dinshah’s original glass colors. Their individual frequencies match particular elements that the body evolved with.

Dinshah researched the effects of color on the body for over 40 years, and developed devices using these specific colors.
According to Dinshah, each of these colors have specific effects on the body – and these attributes are listed in our manual. However some researchers have found different effects attributed to these colors.

One set is included with each unit ordered.

Wratten gelatin filters can also be used with all Photon Stimulators
One 3″ Wratten gel may be cut into four 1.5″ squares.
Insert one of the 1.5″ squares into a 35mm plastic slide casing for use with the Photon Stimulator.
(and you have 3 left to be used as spares)

Additional or Custom sets are:
$34.95 each. + $5 Shipping and Handling (U.S.)

Glass Slides are available ($45 each color- 2″ X 2″ square) from Hoya and other websistes

Custom color choices are available from a selection of over 200 colors. So let us know if you have any particular color needs.

The Second Optional set of slides consists of the following twelve colors:

(the first 5 are Dinshah half tones)

Orange / Yellow
Red / Orange
Green/ Turquoise
Turquoise / Blue
Lite Blue