Light Facials

Aura-Glo for Light Facials
(same device as the Photon Stimulator, but called the “Aura Glo’  when used for facials)

Patented Cutting Edge Health Technology Makes Its Way Into the World of Beauty

Photonics (the science of light) is the fastest growing field in the world, and affects every aspect of our lives.

Light is the basis of our communication systems,  medical diagnostic

systems,security  systems, entertainment systems, and soon-to-be

computer systems. Recent

discoveries and innovations have also

found light to  have therapeutic effects

when applied to the body.


The  Aura-Glo Developed and patented  by Tony

Cocilovo of Lightforms Research

combines  the use of an adjustable pulsed light, color gels, and optic fiber

delivery system to insure  fast , safe, and effective facial treatments.   Full

spectrum light is emitted from a Xenon or LED bulb imitating  the healing

effects of the sun without the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Because we evolved with full spectrum light, xenon it is the most natural light

for our skin. Besides producing healing effects on the skin, light also travels

along our meridian (acupuncture) pathways.  When  areas of the face are

illuminated by the optic fiber tip, eight meridians  and special points are

accessed which invigorate, energize and balance the energy field of the entire

body and organ system.   The condition of our face, the lines and wrinkles, the

bags and dark spots, the stressed muscles—are directly related to

blockages, insufficiencies or excesses in parts of our energy field.   When light is

applied it stimulates a soliton wave which acts to reestablish the body’s own

communication system and remove  resistances  while speeding up the

processes of cell regeneration and toxin removal.

The benefits are not only noticeable on the face but in an overall feeling of

wellness. The youthful sparkle in one’s eyes returns, the loose skin on the face

fills-out, the depth of wrinkles lessen, spots lighten, and friends notice a definite

“glow”. These effects are achieved in a completely sanitary , non-abrasive, and

non-chemical way since the only thing touching the face is the light itself.

Different colors produce different cellular reactions. The Aura-Glo comes with

a set of 12 very specific colors which match the spectrographic fingerprints of

elements that the body uses—such as oxygen, and calcium. Our cells recognize

these unique colors and are able to utilize them efficiently to benefit the entire

system without conflict. The Aura-Glo was patented in 1998, and marketed

under a different name and used by medical practitioners throughout the world.

There are a number of light devices used in the cosmetic world utilizing various

forms of light and all are quite pricey. Most other systems use acupuncture

theories to govern the application of light to the face. This requires training and

related expenses. However light does not act like metal needles when applied to

meridians. Meridians are no longer under the sole domain of acupuncturists.

The Aura-Glo costs less than fifteen hundred dollars and requires no training.

It comes with an instruction manual and complete treatment protocol. One can

also employ any style of treatment that one prefers with this device. The

Aura-Glo is compact, state-of-the-art, versatile, powerful and affordable. Care

overwhelmingly encouraging with the changes they see happening right before

their eyes. Wanda Stingley of Scottsdale, Arizona noted : “Within three days the

texture of my skin has changed, my blemishes have vanished, and my skin

looks and feels younger.”

Both Pro Model Photon Stimulators can be used for doing

skin treatments / facials.  There is a separate manual

which describes how to do it easily.  Contact us for more