Small Optic Fiber Model

Small Optic Fiber Model

U.S. Patent #5,843,074


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This unit is designed for the application of pulsed and colored light to small areas such as acupuncture points or the iris of the eye. Its design stemmed from Russian research (see “articles” link) which found that the only places on the body where light enters is the eyes and the acupuncture meridian surface points. When placing light on acupuncture points, very little time is required to achieve balance – as little as 30 seconds.

It is equipped with six feet of high grade optic fiber, and a comfortable handpiece. 99.8% of the colored light which enters the fiber at the slide visibly exits the fiber at the tip of the handpiece. When the colored slides are changed, the colored light output at the tip changes.

This unit comes with a manual. The manual lists the color attributes according to Dinshah, and gives some examples of treatments and ways the Photon Stimulator may be used. In the back is a book list – one of which is the “Auriculotherapy Manual” by T.Oleson, PhD. His book makes the use of the Photon Stimulator fast and easy. You can look-up a “Disorder”, and on a corresponding page he shows which points on the ears are appropriate to address the balancing of the related meridian points.

This Optic Fiber Photon Stimulator also comes with a set of 12 color gel slides.  They are easily inserted and removed from the slot at the top of the unit.

The color set is the “Dinshah” basic set.  These specific color frequencies were developed in the first half of the twentieth century by the  inventor and researcher Dinshah Ghadiali.  He found that by matching the spectrographic fingerprits of elements that the body evolved with – one could significantly affect various conditions. (see “articles” link).

The light source is a Xenon gas tube, supplying full-spectrum visible light with little or no UV emanation.

The unit is turned on using an in-line switch at the rear of the unit.

The pulse rate (pulses per second) is adjusted by turning the small knob on the rear of the unit.  It is adjustable from approximately 2- 10 pulses per second.

This unit comes with a set of 12 color gel slides. Changing colors is as easy as choosing a color slide and placing it in the slot at the top of the unit.