Versatile Full Spectrum Light Therapy Device

This (patented) Full spectrum Light Device is the most versatile light tool available today. It can be used on the skin surface or acupoints to address all physical conditions. Treatments are accomplished by placing the cone tip on ear acupoints or by holding the end of the optic cable (without the tip) over affected areas to be treated so that the light tonates a larger area. To decrease healing time, shine the light directly on wounds, burns, post surgical incisions etc. The Photon Stimulator may also be used as part of a “First Aid” toolkit especially if there are no other treatments available.

It operates in a variety of ways via the skin and meridians, but most powerfully by reestablishing the body’s own regulatory system.

The units are EASY TO USE – and available to anyone. You don’t need to learn about acupuncture or point locations, just use the diagrams to show where to place the light tip on the ears relating to a particular health disorder. Please click on the following links for additional information:

If you are a practitioner, you may wish to read the article, “Adding Light Therapies to Your Practice Using the Photon Stimulator”

If you are trained to use light in a different way, then that is okay. This device will work well with a variety of paradigms…

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Photon Stimulator

The LED unit can run on 12v DC battery pack, or car plug-in

  • Removable cone tip  – focus on one point or remove it for broadcasting on larger areas!
  • 24 Color Slide Options – Can also be used with Wratten Gel filters
  • Adjustable pulse rate from 1-20 light pulses per second
  • Easy to use / No training required!
  • The application of Light to the Body does not need to be complicated

The Photon Stimulator works to SELF-REGULATE the Autonomic Nervous System and the Meridian System – thus enabling the body to do whatever it needs to do to heal itself.

Used for all of the following:

  • Color Tonation (applying color to the skin surface)
  • Auricular Light Therapy
  • PMT – Photonic Meridian Therapy (applying color to acupoints)
  • Syntonic Optometry (visual and emotional therapies via the eyes)
  • Brainwave Synchronization (pulsed light from 2-20 pulses per second)
  • Crystal Color Therapy (large natural quartz crystal attachment)
  • Iris Phototherapy (application of light to the ANS and CNS tissue and reflex areas in the iris)

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  • Possibly the most noteworthy treatment that I have had that has truly changed my entire quality of life has been the complete elimination of pain brought about by the Multiple Sclerosis.  The entire right side of my body suffered from deep pains where my muscles and tendons just plain just.  I felt like I had played an entire football game getting hit exclusively on the right side of my body.  Talking to other people suffering from MS they also share similar stories of their pains. Well, Dr Chernoff talked to me about a treatment she felt confident would work.  The treatment is Photon Stimulator Color Therapy which I like because it is completely non-intrusive to the body.  I was skeptical at first but not 15 minutes following the treatment I looked at my wife and said “It’s gone, the pain is totally gone.”  I have felt no pain since the color therapy and that has been more than 3 months now.

    Miguel A.  Melendez

  • "Hello, I have been using your Photon Stimulator on one of our two Van cats that had a loose stomach. It stopped at once when I used Indigo on the nose, paws and ears. And after a stop of two days it was quite normal. I wondered if this was just a coincidence. After a couple of months she had her yearly injections by the vet and immediately started to have rashes and a lose stomach as she is quite sensitive. I repeated the treatment as the last time and exactly the same thing happened. Well it has strengthened my conviction that colour also can be used for animals. But as I have no clue to where to apply it I just used the the places I thought as easy accessible. And it seemed to work. And on the places where she scratched I used Turquoise also effective. This was just for the records."


  • Agapitos, Boy, Age: 11 - Learning difficulties before therapy, Raven's non-verbal intelligence test:

    • At the top of his age: 33/36 and Read Test: 20/40 (reading age 7 years, 2 months)

    After one month of treatment, Raven's non-verbal intelligence test:

    •  At the top of his age: 35/36 and Read Test: 29/42 (reading age 8 years, 10 months)

    He has gained more than a year in reading and comprehension ability in a month. He is concentrating now more. He continues the therapy.

    Athina, Girl, Age: 14 - Learning difficulties before therapy, Raven's non-verbal intelligence test:

    • Average of her age: 26/36 and Reading test: 32/42 (reading age 9 years, 3 months)

    After one month of treatment, Raven's non-verbal intelligence test:

    • A level above average for her age: 30/36 and Reading test: 37/42 (reading age 10 years, 1 month)

    She has gained about a year in reading and comprehension ability in a month. She is concentrating now more. She continues the therapy.

    Agapitos and Athina did the following treatment for 30 days:

    1. Photon Stimulator, 10 minutes (2 colours - USA)
    2. Balametrics, 10 minutes (it is a balance exercise program - USA)
    3. Johansen Sound Therapy, 10 minutes (UK)

    Yiannis Chatzidiakos

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