Color Choices

The Photon Stimulator comes with a  very unique set of 12 color slides.  The colors are changed quickly and easily by placing the chosen color slide into the slot at the top of the unit.  (glass slides and other colors are also available)

These specific colors were developed by Dinshah Ghadali in the first half of the 20th and are know as the “Dinshah” colors. The photobiological effects of these colors were researched and documented over a 30 year period.

No other color system  acknowledges the specific effects of the spectral fingerprints of individual colors and their corresponding effects on human physiology.

Sodium  589.0nm  – 589.4nm

Every color emits a spectrographic pattern of emission lines (Fraunhofer Emission Lines).  Dinshah found that the body reacted best to spectrographic emission lines  of elements that we evolved with, such as oxygen, calcium, sodium, etc.  Thus, our cells and internal communication systems respond best to these familiar wavelengths of light.

A second set of 12 slides is available (see “Color Gel Slides” page) which contains 5 Dinshah half tones, and 7 additional colors – gold, pink, cherry, teal, fuscia, grape, and cherry.

Dinshah used glass filters, however he worked with the Roscolene company to produce the same spectrographic emissions using polyacralate gels.

How to Choose Colors

Below are four possible ways of making color choices.

1.  Pick by referring to the ” Dinshah Color Attributes” (included with the manual) such as “Green Physical equliibrator, etc…”

2.  By following these simple guidelines:

  • Blue (all colors in the bluish spectrum from blue/green to violet,  these colors move one into the Parasympathetic aspect of the Sympathetic Nervous System – helping free the restricting aspects of stress and encourage the body to heal itself.>
  • Green Balances
  • Red – and any colors with red, orange or yellows in them, act by irritation and provocation –  For example: scars might need some irritation to bring change.
  • If in doubt use blue or green

3. By Your intuition

4. By Muscle Testing

A variety of color theories often make the issue of color choices confusing.  Some theories are based on esoteric philosophies, others on ancient books, and others on channeled information – often contradictory.

The Photon Stimulator may be used with whatever color theories you feel most comfortable. However the recommendations listed in our manual are based on research.

If you are looking for a specific color that is not part of our sets – such as grey, there are hundreds of different color choices available in gels from Roscolene and Kodak), which can be cut and fit into slide casings available in most photo supply shops. If you are not comfortable making them yourself, we can custom make them for you.