Professional LED Model


Quiet, Long lasting Superbright LED Bulb

Pulse Rate 1-40 pulses per second

“Constant On”  Feature

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Professional LED  / Aura-Glo   Models   These are the same with different names.  The only difference between these and the regular Professional Model is that the light source is a big white Light Emitting Diode (LED).  It is actually brighter than the  Xenon,  and has an adjustable pulse rate of  0 – 40 with a digital readout that lets you know exactly how many pulses per second it is flashing, and it also has a “Constant On” feature.   These are good for those who do not want the “clicking” sound that the Xenon bulb makes every time it flashes in the other models – the LED bulb is totally quiet.     Also the bulb lasts for a very long time, whereas the Xenon bulb has to be changed by myself or an electronics repair shop.   This makes a difference for those outside the US where time and the cost of shipping are a disadvantage.  The cost  is more  $1895.
FREE SHIPPING IN THE US  – elsewhere will be invoiced for exact International Priority rates.

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