How to Use the Photon Stimulator as an Alternative Health Treatment

How to Use the Photon Stimulator as an Alternative Health Treatment

using only acupoints on the ears – Meridian Light Treatment
Some things to consider when addressing any health situation:

Common Sense should guide our choices and not attachment to dogma. Do not abandon the valuable aspects of our medical system – if you have an infection that needs antibiotics then take them or surgery when needed, etc… Common sense is one of our greatest gifts.

Nerve blockages – can be caused by bones being pressed together or a result of inflammation. You may need to reduce inflammation or have the spine adjusted. Toxins – may be on the skin surface or internal. Some can be removed faster than others – heavy metals can take a much longer time. Nutrition – does the body have appropriate materials to work with – some effects of malnutrition manifest in an incredible variety of ways, from skin rashes to blurred vision and on and on. Unresolved deep emotional issues – can block energetic pathways in along the Autonomic Nervous System, and can be related to many chronic issues. Healing causes pain – when tissue heals it fills with liquid and damaged cells are removed by the Lymphatic System. The stretching of surrounding tissue produces pain / headaches, etc.. Keep your own Health Journal – this is the first step to taking responsibility for your health. Notice differences – what helps and what hurts. Now lets get started!

1. Obtain a copy of TheAuriculotherapy Manual” by Terry Oleson It is available at for $45 or less if used.

2. To make your own spiral bound treatment reference book: open the Auriculotherapy Manual to page 223 (second edition – may be different in other editions) “Treatment Protocol Index”. Copy the pages (double sided). These will be placed in the front of your book. Then copy “Auriculotherapy Treatment Protocols” (starts on page180 copy all pages double sided). Place these pages behind the Index. Go to a copy shop like Staples or a store like it, and have them make a spiral bound copy with a clear plastic cover and a black plastic rear page. This will be your v reference book for all treatments listed in the Index. Disregard the rest of the Auriculotherapy Manual!

3. Get familiar with locating the acupoints on ears – your friends ears, clients ears, and your own ears. You will quickly be able to identify the ridges and valleys and have no trouble placing the tip of the light at the right point location.
4. Turn the unit ON. Adjust the pulse rate to from 7- 10 pulses per second. Start all treatments with Point O, and Shenmen by holding the light tip (no need to press hard) on the points for a minute or more on both ears. Color – start with the Turquoise or Blue slide. All of the Treatment Protocols indicate these points but not always first – however always use them first. Use the Index to locate a particular treatment now. Go ahead and pick one, and turn to the Treatment Protocol page, and find the treatment. Disregard the numbers at the front of the particular treatments such as 9.02.04 Notice the PP or SP in front of each treatment. They are for Principal Points or Secondary Points. You only need to use the Principal Points. PP
5. Find the first Principal Point in the list in one of the ear images on the illustrated page to the right. Hold the light tip on that point in the ear you are treating (pulse rate still set from 7 – 10) Use Blue for a minute or more – both ears – same point – then proceed to the next listed Principal Point in the Treatment Protocol until all the listed points have been treated in both ears.Remember that these treatments work by helping the body restore a system that has gotten out of regulation. It is best to see if there are any changes in the condition after a night of rest.You can treat daily, but once every two or three days should be sufficient.
Sore Ear Points – often indicate there is an issue happening with the corresponding body part or organ system.
All this will be easy to comprehend once you have a copy of the book and see the illustrations. FOR PETS – Shows acupoint locations FOUR PAWS FIVE DIRECTIONS, A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs, Cheryl Schwartz, DVM, Celestial Arts Publishing, 1996 (available throgh