An Adjunct Survival Tool for Health Maintenance.

Light on Acupoints Instead of Needles!

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Always seek the help of licensed health care providers and physicians. This is just common sense. The use of light may be helpful in emergencies, but only to assist after all other medical attention has been accomplished. Light is best for care after the emergency for pain relief, wound healing etc.

Also, the use of light is not a first line treatment or recommended for life-threatening conditions. It is to be used to help the body – for every condition – after all else has been accomplished to treat the condition. Light does not treat conditions or diseases. It does help the body refortify all internal organ and neurological systems by two very important means. The Autonomic Nervous System, and the Meridian System.

Here is a tool that anyone can use. It uses safe, full spectrum light from a xenon light source. It is a patented device that allows pulsed light to travel through 6 feet of optic fiber. The Illuminated optic fiber tip is then placed at acupoints – one at a time for up to 3 minutes each, usually not taking more than a total of 30 minutes for a treatment.

Some of the things it can offer in a health situation:

  • Helps cut healing time.
  • Helps with bacteria and fungal infections.
  • Helps relieve pain.
  • Helps with rashes, burns, abrasions, cuts and sores.
  • Helps restore and balance the hormonal system.
  • Helps calm the nervous system.
  • Helps with digestion / cramps, constipation, etc.
  • Helps the body heal everything that the body does naturally on its own.

No, you do not need years of acupuncture needle theory or experience. Light operates in a much simpler fashion. Meridians are based on light receptivity. There is a manual you can purchase which lists every type of health disorder and illustrates exactly what ear acupoints to put the light on for any illness or condition. There are charts for trigger points on the body, but ears are better in this case because they are close to the brain and nervous system coordination centers. This system has been used since 1998 when it was patented, with surprising effectiveness – for a myriad of conditions. It is used throughout the world by individuals, acupuncturists, sports teams, pain clinics, children’s hospitals, post-surgical clinics, and even by aestheticians.

It is called the Photon Stimulator. Don’t be put off or confused by the overabundance of information on the website. This article address the small optic fiber unit and how you can use it easily to help the body heal itself – as an adjunct tool to be added to your other healing modalities. For more information you can refer to the “articles” section on the website.

The variables for using the device are:

  1. Looking in the Health Disorder Index of the Auriculotherapy Manual, that relates to the particular condition being approached. Locate the Principle Points (PP) of the ear illustrated in the book.
  2. Choosing a pulse rate for the light (from 2- 10).
  3. Picking a color
  4. Deciding how long to hold the tip on the points.

These are very simple to do. Light is taken into the body’s systems by a process of “photon sucking and pumping”. Once it is in the body, the body changes the wavelength and intensity to suit its own needs. There is no way we could dictate the complex interactions of light in the body. What is important is that it is safe and without side effects, and there is no way of doing it wrong if you follow these simple instructions.

The micro application of light to the body with optic fiber has completely different effects than that of large bulbs or the sun. Our bodies had to adapt to a very violent, bright and noisy world. We developed sensitivities to micro amounts of light stimuli in order to have a functional internal communication system. The body’s health and ability to respond to breaks, bruises, cuts, bacteria, etc is dependent on a strong internal communication system. I know this concept of light and intracellular communication via photons might be new to you. It certainly is not recognized by mainstream medicine, which is dependent upon chemical and neural interactions. But chemical interactions are very slow, and neural interactions are also much slower than light. Researchers are just now beginning to understand the multiple complex functions of light in the body. Lasers, and narrow-band LEDs are used on the body by a variety of devices with patents and expensive advertising. However full spectrum light, which imitates the sun’s array is what is most natural and easily used by the body. The xenon light source in the Photon Stimulator is broad-band and safe.

Some theory of how light works on the body. It is probably best to start by putting aside anything you have heard about how light is used on the body. This is because the new field of “biophotonics” has already shown most past theories to be wrong. Light affects the body’s surface (skin). It also enters the body. It enters at the eyes, and at the meridian points on the surface of the body (refer to the “Russian Article” on the web site).

Light interacts with the skin surface but does not penetrate very deeply – especially if you have dark skin. However for surface issues such as cuts, rashes, etc, the skin has positive responses to full spectrum light.

Light enters the body via the eyes and takes a variety of pathways. It can affect one psychologically via the optic nerve and cognitive processes, which can affect mood and mental functioning. It can affect the hypothalamus and hormonal regulation. It can also affect the Autonomic Nervous System.

Light also enters the body via meridians. Meridians once were only acknowledged by Oriental Medicine however modern research has proven their existence to be quite real. They are pathways that may be influenced by a variety of sources. Needles and heat have been used traditionally by Oriental Medicine practitioners. Light as a treatment source has not been used in the past because there were no tools developed to be able to apply light. Needles and heat were all that was available. However light applied in micro amounts to meridian points is not only the most natural treatment but also the most effective. The development of optic fiber led me to patent this device, because optic fiber carrying light is a perfect tool for easy placement at meridian points.

The development of meridians is worth mentioning to help you understand why light is the perfect tool to reinforce and strengthen these pathways. The earth spins as it travels around the sun. Photons (light particles) hit the earth during the day and escape out to space at night. This creates movement – an in-and-out flow. This two-way flow is how meridians developed. Developing organisms, formed encapsulating structures to hold in some of the light energy for use at night. These became elongated pathways which supplied light energy. Light enabled the development of all the internal organ systems and structures of all living things. As life systems evolved, these almost invisible life supporting networks never stopped working. We just didn’t have the tools to experience them till now. We are complex in that we have a variety of systems that take in nutrients from the surface of the planet, but meridians existed before the others were developed. These tubes carrying light cause reactions in the body which produce many photon and electron reactions, defining the chemical and neurological activities that animate us.

One of the most fundamental and marvelous aspects of our bodies is that they have developed extreme internal light conservation. This was necessary to survive in a sometimes dark world. Inside our bodies photons are reused in every imaginable way. Their wavelengths are adjusted, their functions are changed, and they are grouped and ungrouped for special uses. It is like passing a battery around to service a variety of technologies. When there is an over abundance of light, some of the doorways for light absorption close. Light is also used in many ways outside of the meridian supply pathways. It coordinates all internal functions and is the basis of how each of these numerous systems communicate.

Why not just shine light on the body with a flashlight? Most light has the potential for helping. One problem is the time it takes to actually enter the body and interact with organ systems – if at all. Dinshah (re: website) recommended that light colored by specific gels be shone (tonations) onto specific parts of the body for 1/2 hour or more according to his research. Russian research however has demonstrated that tonating affects the skin but
actually very little enters the body, and yet Dinshah and the medical practitioners who used his equipment had good results. Taking advantage of the meridian system is key to short treatment time and better results. Light applied to meridian points reinforces the complete meridian pathway and sends light energy to the corresponding organ system. Realistically, there is no way we can look at or interfere with the delicate internal mechanisms of the interaction of light on cells and systems in our body. By applying light to meridian points, the body’s own intelligence directs the action and outcome of the light’s interactions as it travels within the body.

The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is a primitive reaction system that controls where energy goes in the body. For the most part we are not aware of its hidden activities. Under peaceful circumstances blood and nerve energy remain in our center – around our guts, navel area – also called the enteric brain. It has more synaptic centers than the brain in our head. When energy is there it is able to operate all of our internal organs, repair damage, detoxify, deacidify, etc. But when we sense a threat, immediate or long term, the energy and blood from our center is sent to our exterior defenses – muscles – so we can hit and run. If we have these energies in our outer shield for too long then the internal system starts to break down. So many of today’s chronic illness are a direct result of immediate and chronic stresses which cause an incredible variety of symptoms ranging from insomnia, to intestinal disorders.

The two aspects of the Autonomic Nervous System are: Parasympathetic: normal function when not overly stressed Sympathetic: when the body is reacting to stress and threats

Here is a simple analogy that I like to use because most of us are familiar with the Star Trek TV show and movies. You know that when the starship is attacked by Klingons, Captain Kirk asks Scotty in the energy center to send power to support the protective shields at the outside of the ship. Scotty can only send power to withstand a limited number of attacks before there is damage to the energy production mechanism itself. This is exactly how our ANS system works in the body. The pathways for this energy transferal are the Vagus nerves.

I am discussing the ANS because it has quite a bit to do with weather the meridian system is open or closed. Fear responses not only block off flows of energy to the center, but in doing so they also block some parts of the meridian pathways. With the light treatment we affect the ANS and the meridian system. We start each treatment by treating two master points in each ear for 30 seconds with turquoise or blue light. This moves the energy back into the center (as demonstrated by heart rate variability monitors) and opens up the meridian system to further treatment. This is valuable on its own, because when in Parasympathetic (the peaceful part of the ANS) and energy is in our center- the body heals itself of many conditions just by the presence of increased energy in our internal organ systems. Thus, simply by using ear points we can help balance the ANS and the meridian system.

Reflex Zones: There are miniature areas of the body which have reflexes connected to the larger body and organ systems. Some of these appear on our hands, feet, eyes, torso and ears. For our treatment purposes and because of its superior effectiveness, we will concern ourselves with the ear. The graphic illustrates the relative size and location of some reflex areas. By placing light on specific points on the ear we can influence these reflex areas.

Embryology also offers treatment opportunity. On the outer layer of the three week old egg / embryo are some very special areas that are rich with Parasympathetic nerves. These are the navel, parts of the ear and the pupillary border of the eye. These respond well to light and can be very helpful with pain relief – even immediately after surgery.

Colors: The Photon Stimulator comes with a set of 12 colors. These colors are the Dinshah color set. There is lots of information about these colors on the website. These color gels are used with broad-spectrum white light from a xenon bulb. Each color gel comes in a 35mm slide casing. They are used easily by placing them in the slot at the top of the unit. I use these specific colors because Dinshah had researched them so thoroughly – Also because the body is familiar with them. They are s spectrographic match of elements that our bodies use such as oxygen, hydrogen, magnesium etc. Dinshah’s color recommendations are listed in our small manual that comes with the unit. However there are other ways of choosing colors. One is by muscle testing. There are a variety of ways to accomplish muscle testing – but that is beyond the scope of this article. Google “muscle testing techniques”. You can also simply use your intuition – if you trust it.

My approach to color choices is based on research. It is also very simple and effective. It is based on the colors in the world you see outside.
The most dominant colors from sea and sky are blue – violet Surface of the earth – a variety of greens and browns Minimal and rare colors are pure reds and yellows from flowers and minerals. This is a good way to consider color for applications.

Blue = Parasympathetic – or body normalization if we are in Sympathetic (stress) 80% of Americans tested were in Sympathetic. Turquoise is a great blend of blue and green, which I use mostly for the beginning treatment of ear masterpoints prior to treating any condition specifically. Green = A strengthener and revitalizer Reds and Yellows move one into Sympathetic. These may be required during certain emergencies, but I hardly ever use them. When you are in an accident you don’t feel pain right away because you are in sympathetic. Reds may relieve pain but do not necessarily decrease healing time. Red should be mixed with blue just as in the evening and morning sky. Indigo, Violet, Purple, Scarlet, and Magenta, all have increasing amounts of red mixed with blue. If you need to stimulate/ irritate something to wake it up then mix the red with some blue. The rest is experimental. If you follow the above guidelines for choosing colors, you will not have any problems. Actually you won’t have any problems anyway. Trust your inner guidance. Trust yourself or your will end up not experimenting and not using this valuable tool. Just do it.

Pulse Rate: The small optic fiber units have a knob at the back so you can adjust the pulsing from 2 – 10 pulses per second. There is of course lots of information on the website, but to keep it simple set the pulse rate in the middle. There is no readout – you will just have to approximate. The middle would be about 4.5 pulses per second. You can use this for everything. If you are treating someone with dark skin, then turn the pulse rate up accordingly. Follow your inner guidance with this also and experiment. 7.8 is the Schumann resonance and has entrainment properties relative to brain patterns.

The Health Disorder Index is part of a larger book “The Auriculotherapy Manual” by Terry Oleson, Ph.D. available from Health Care Alternatives, Los Angeles, CA (323) 656-2084. You do not need anything else from the book – only the Health Disorder Index.

Get the book, copy the Health Disorder index pages in the back and get it spiral bound so it is not so bulky when you are looking things up. I am aware that what I am recommending is called “cook book” acupoint therapy and it has not been received well by the acupuncture crowd. The book covers needles and electro stimulation for point stimulation, but let me reiterate – light does not operate like needles, electro stimulation, or magnetic stimulation. Yes you will get results. I have the greatest respect and admiration for Dr. Oleson who compiled this book. It has been immensely helpful to a large number of people.

How to obtain a Photon Stimulator: Call me, Tony Cocilovo. I have the patent and I build each unit. (928) 445-1643 the price for the small optic fiber unit is $345. Shipping
is $10 – the units have a one-year warranty. The bulbs are filled with xenon gas and eventually the plasma gas is dissipated. This length of time that the bulbs last varies depending on how often the units are used. The bulbs require soldering to be replaced. This means that you have to send it back for replacement. If it is past the one-year warranty period the cost of replacing the bulb and going over the whole unit is $56.

How to do a Treatment: Look up what you wish to treat in the Health Disorder Index of the Auriculotherapy Manual. On the left pages, the condition is listed along with a list of Principle Points (PP) and Secondary Points (SP) All you need to treat are the Principal Points. Each one is shown at the illustrations of ears on pages to the right. Locate the points.

We recommend that you start every treatment by applying the Turquoise or blue to two master points in each ear for at least 30 seconds. These are points Zero and Shenmen – illustrated here to the left in blue. These points are also listed in most Principle Points in the Auriculotherapy index, but do them first and disregard them when you come to them in the list of Principle Points. Unlike needles you can move the light tip. This opens up the meridian system and starts moving one into Parasympathetic. Quite often this is all that is needed to get results overnight.

Next, pick colors according to the principles I mentioned earlier, and treat all the principle points in both ears for a minute or so each. Some people feel a variety of sensations immediately – others nothing. Symptom relief is usually felt within an hour and more relief is felt overnight.

It is that simple. There is lots of information on the web about acupuncture and auriculotherapy. You may wish to explore further and do some experimentation on your own.

Some additional helpful information:

We use Purple for pain. We locate the corresponding area of the ear where the pain is – as illustrated in the Auriculotherapy Manual and treat those areas for up to 10 minutes.

We shine the light directly into the navel using blue or violet – also for pain.

The tip can be cleaned with alcohol.

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