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1.  The Optic Fiber Model:  I developed this one for use on eyes and acupoints.  It combined the use of an adjustable pulse light source, (pulses from 2 - 10 times per second) an easy way of changing  the Dinshah colors,  and a 3mm diameter optic  fiber to allow ease of application to acoupoints without having a bulky light in one's hand.    It is used throughout the world by individuals and  practitioners.  It is safe and easy to use.  $345..
2.  The Professional Xenon Model  Photon Stimulator:   This is a larger version of the small plastic model.  It is available with a Xenon light source using a metal case,   It has a pulse rate  twice as fast as the small model (2-20),   Uses an internal fan to keep it cool,  It has a 1/4 inch optic light guide which allows twenty times more light than the small model.  It has a removable come at the tip for treating acupoints. When the  cone tip is removed, larger skin areas can be treated, such as for post surgical incision healing,  burns, rashes, etc.    It has the broadest application, looks professional, is heavy duty and  has no heat problems,   It can also be used for doing beauty treatments and facials.  
3.  The Profrssional LED  / Aura-Glo   Models   These are the same with different names.  The only difference between these and the regular Professional Model is that the light source is a big white Light Emitting Diode (LED).  It is actually brighter than the  Xenon,  and has an adjustable pulse rate of  0 - 40 with a digital readout that lets you know exactly how many pulses per second it is flashing, and it also has a "Constant On" feature.   These are good for those who do not want the "clicking" sound that the Xenon bulb makes every time it flashes in the other models - the LED bulb is totally quiet.     Also the bulb lasts for a very long time, whereas the Xenon bulb has to be changed by myself or an electronics repair shop.   This makes a difference for those outside the US where time and the cost of shipping are a disadvantage.  The cost  is more  $1895
There are optional crystal tips   for all Pro Models pictured on the web sites for $100 or $50ea.  These are for those who like to work with crystals.

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(928) 445-1643

P.O. Box 10602

Prescott, AZ 86304

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These pages are for reference and research only, not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any physiological or psychological condition. 


NOTE:  When ordering from countries outside the
USA, it is best to only order the LED Model. This is because the Xenon models require being returned for repair when the bulbs burn out, whereas the LED bulbs  last a very very long time.

Professional LED Model

Excellent for a Variety of Applications!

Quiet, Long lasting Superbright LED Bulb

Pulse Rate 1-40 pulses per second

"Constant On"  Feature


Removable tip pictured below

Professional Xenon Model

Six feet of  1/4"  light guide allows for placement of intense xenon light with the ability to control precisely where it goes!

Removable cone tip lets you choose between a 1/4" opening, or a 2mm opening for smaller areas

$1445.   only 3 left then they will be discontinued

Small Optic Fiber Model 

This model is designed to allow you to apply light to acupuncture points, and micro systems.


with 6' Optic Fiber and   Handpiece
$345. US

Also available with a crystal tip  - $445.

(example of use on an ear point)