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  LED Model

The Most Versatile Full Spectrum Light Device Available Today! (PATENTED)

This  device can be used directly on the body and / or acupoints, to treat all physical problems.  Treat most health disorders by applying the  light cone to the relative  ear points (pictured in the auriculotherapy manual) or shine the light directly on wounds, burns, post surgical incisions etc. We use the Photon Stimulator as a "First Aid"  kit  accompanying other treatments, and when there are no other treatments available.    

The LED unit can run on 12v DC  battery pack,  or car plug in.


rear of LED model

Xenon model

  Removable cone tip lets you focus on one point or remove it for broadcasting light on larger areas!

24 Color Slide Options.  Can also be used with Wratten Gel filters

Adjustable pulse rate from 1-20 light pulses per second.

Easy to use /  No training required!

The application of Light to the Body does not need to be complicated.

The Photon Stimulator works to SELF-REGULATE  the Autonomic Nervous System and the Meridian System - thus enabling the body to do whatever it needs to do to heal itself.

Used for all of the following:

 Color Tonation 
 (applying color to the skin surface)

Photonic Meridian Therapy 
(PMT) (applying color to acupoints)

Syntonic Optometry 
(visual and emotional therapies via the eyes)

Brainwave Synchronization
 (pulsed light from 2-20 pulses per second)

Crystal Color Therapy 
( large natural quartz crystal attachment)

Iris Phototherapy 
(application of light to the ANS and CNS tissue and reflex areas in the iris)

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My Photon Stimulators are by far, the absolute best devices for applying pulsed and colored light to biological systems.  I am an individual researcher - not a large company. I am trying to keep my prices  "very reasonable"  If these units were mass produced and I had a team of salespersons the prices would at least triple, and boy would they lay on the hype!   I know the real value of using light technologies although they are still not accepted by the standard medical community or the general public.  But this is where we are headed.   Photonics (optics) technologies are the foundation for our communication systems, medical diagnostic devices, space technologies, and recently the light conducting computers have been produced.

What makes these  devices the best?  Research - that's right - the science that others try to hide when touting tungsten and cold lasers as light sources. The reason is that our contemporary institutional physics declares light to be equal.  They declared water to be equal a while back, and we learned this is not so.  Light - like water has different qualities depending on its source.   Xenon gas when  electronically stimulated produces a light most like the sunlight we evolved with and is beneficial to the organism. (It also made up 3% of our atmosphere)  Of course it is a long way off  from duplicating sunlight's unique qualities, but it is as close as we have gotten with a commercial product.  

Colors are not equal either.  Our eyes have very gross abilities  compared to the sensitivities required by each cell of your body to distinguish magnetic, electric, optical, and acoustical information  ( via the phospholipid membrane) - information which dictates what those cells do, where they go, what enzymes to produce, and what they change into.    If two green colors look alike to our eyes, they probably are not  similar when spectrographically analyzed.  I use Dinshah's  (a color researcher 1911-1945) colors because more positive results were found based on his research than with any other colors.  They replicate the Frauhoffer emission lines of particular elements that the body uses and evolved with.  Millions of years of evolution has more to do with what our cells will react to than theories we come up with. Our bodies have to scatter laser light (Monte Carlo Effect) as it enters the skin surface, and over a period of time laser light causes the diameter of acupuncture points to shrink. Also- of all the colors,  "red" light travels the least distance in water which we are mostly made of.

Why use optic fiber to apply light and color to the body?  Research again!  The Russians did a vast amount of research on what happens when intense light is applied to the body. (article section)  They found that the places where light enters the body happen to be the same as the traditional acupuncture meridian points. Yes, some light does go into surface tissue a certain amount of distance depending on intensity, and it is hard to miss at least some acupuncture points  wherever you shine light on the body.   Do you remember when they found that Seasonal Affective Disorder could be relieved by applying light pads to the back of the knee?  They believed that light was entering the body via the blood vessels - not knowing about  meridians at all.  So if you are going to attempt to use light therapeutically on the body - then why not pay attention to the research and apply it to meridian points where it will have the greatest effect and take the shortest amount of time to do so?

Why use a device with approximately 2- 10 pulses of light per second?  Because it reinforces the pulsed information from the earth's electromagnetic atmosphere that we have evolved with. This is called  the Schumann Resonance and is a result of approximately 200 lightning strikes per second around the planet which sets up a resonant pulse -  which is approximate and ranges from  4-40, and averages about 7.8 Someone once said that it would be difficult to convince a deep sea fish that water actually existed.  Well for us, the biggest changes that affect us are from our planet - which include the earth's magnetic field, the atmosphere and its protective effects from solar and cosmic radiation and also solar output via storms, mass ejections, flares, etc.  Once again research has shown that the reinforcing effects of pulse waves of 10 and below influence brain patterns, lymphatic flow, and even return people to normalcy after being in lead shielded underground bunkers for months at a time.

That is why I went to the bother and expense of obtaining a patent - so I would not be stopped from making these available. You may not know it, but patents are obtained, bought and sold to keep people from doing some very beneficial things if they compete with an existing product.

Here are a few points to consider Human cells transmit vital information with light.
Long distance intercellular communication implies information transmission.
Light stimulates Trans-Membrane Potential
Cellular excitation by light can alter chemical bonds.
Other process have sensitivities as low as one billionth of a microwatt per square centimeter and include quantum mechanical and classical processes of superconductivity.
A flood of free electrons (light)—penetrating through permeable membranes throughout the tissues, muscles and possibly the bones, not only stops the chain reactions in process, but also forces the fermentation production of ATP in the Krebs cycle back into a respiration cycle. Thus a reversal of free radical contamination. 

 We are fundamentally light beings - not chemical.  If the Earth wasn't spinning in front of a brilliant sun we would be either frozen or baked - no life at all. Without motion and light, evolution would not have happened in the first place. A meridian is a pathway which marks the original flow of electrons from the sun - bringing electromagnetic energy to our organs and systems.

Tony Cocilovo

Below is a current view my Health Model and how light figures into it. 

                    Therapeutic Entrainment
                    Cellular excitation to higher energy levels
                    Improves Transcellular Permeability
                    May increase Superconductivity
                    Strengthens and unblocks Meridian flow
                    Predisposes the organism to Parasympathetic normalcy
                    Helps remove SNS blockages via Solotinic Waves
                    Helps in reestablishing the body's own Communication Network

for more information or presentations contact: 

Tony Cocilovo MA,

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